Living Intentionally

I set out to write a post recently, however, as I was feeling contemplative and even a little morose, the result was not fitting for this blog. (Seriously, I was going to insert Richard II’s speech about the deaths of kings and the hollow crown. It might have something to do with watching a great deal of Shakespeare lately.)

ANYWAY, I decided that I needed a more positive outlook. So, I worked out, made myself a cup of tea and I’m feeling much better, thank you.

I was recently reminded of my desire to be awesome. And of the world’s desire for me to be more awesome. (Thank you Kid President.) Therefore I decided that if I’m truly going to be more awesome, I’d better set some goals. How else will I know if I’m on the right track?

When I was in the 7th grade, my teacher made us set 50 goals. At the time that number seemed outrageous. Truthfully, I made some of them up, not caring if I accomplished them or not. But the point is, those goals helped me to strive towards doing things with my life that I always thought would be cool. And some of them I have checked off.

Here are a few goals accomplished from my 12 year old list (and the photographical evidence to prove it!) :

Photographed the Eiffel Tower

 Effiel tower

I went skydiving

DSCN1858 2

I went on an African safari

safari pic

…and a few others.

However, I have NOT yet

become fluent in Spanish, German, and French :)

Complete a marathon (really, 12 year old me?)

 written a book

Do you remember that movie The Kid? Basically, Bruce Willis’ character meets his younger self at a pivotal moment in both their lives. When the kid learns that as a grown up he is unmarried, hasn’t become a pilot and doesn’t have a dog he cries with despair, “So basically I grow up to be a loser!”


Moral of the story? Set goals–and DO them!

So here we go. I challenge you to write down 50 goals for yourself. Call it a bucket list if it helps. Then, if you’re really feeling serious about doing these things set a deadline. If that feels like too much pressure, then set about to accomplish at least one new goal each year. If you run out of ideas look to the projects you’ve posted on Pintrest or the books on your wish list at Amazon.

You know that I wouldn’t ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself, so I typed up a list of 50 goals myself. Here are just a few:

Learn to cook from an Italian mama

Go to at least two live performances each year

Learn to make an awesome soufflé (Ever since I tasted a leek and goat cheese souffle that my brother ordered in London, it’s been my dream!)

Work for Stephen Moffatt (The genius writer who writes Dr. Who and Sherlock.)

images-3Lou Holtz - goals